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Minimum Order Quantities

All Delf Wholesales & Business orders are subject to the below minimum order terms and conditions:

  • Minimum order of one full pallet
  • Pallets can be made up of one product or a mixture of multiple products

For orders less than a pallet see our online Trade Deals

Heating & Plumbing
Product NameUnit of saleQuantity per boxNo. Boxes per pallet
Allens Leak Detector Fluid Concentrate125ml9655
Allens Leak Detector Fluid Ready to Use500ml2470
Allens Leak Detector Fluid Ready to Use1 Litre1255
Allens Leak Detector Fluid Spray250ml3672
Allens Leak Detector Fluid Spray500ml2155
Allens Leak Detector Fluid Gel250ml4040
EasyFix AD125ml12126
EasyFix AD250ml1298
EasyFix CL250ml3672
EasyFix CL500ml2470
EasyJoint SG500g2150
EasyJoint SG1kg1255
EasyJoint SE100g5050
EasyJoint SE500g2150
EasyJoint SO5 litres1200
Flux Paste140g1298
Industrial Soft Soaps
Product NameUnit of saleQuantity per boxNo. Boxes per pallet
EasyLube Tyre Paste2.5kg472
EasyLube Tyre Paste5kg1120
EasyLube Tyre Mount & Seal2.5kg472
EasyLube Tyre Mount & Seal5kg1120
EasyLube LTL5 litres1200
Coconut Fatty Acid Soft Soap 35%1kg1250
Coconut Fatty Acid Soft Soap 35%2.5kg472
Castor Oil Soft Soap BP1kg1250
Castor Oil Soft Soap BP2.5kg472
Product NameUnit of saleQuantity per boxNo. Boxes per pallet
EasyJoint Uni1kg1250
EasyJoint Uni2.5kg472
EasyJoint Lube1kg1250
EasyJoint Lube2.5kg472
EasyJoint LS250ml3672
EasyJoint LS500ml2470
EasyJoint Eco1kg1250
EasyJoint Eco2.5kg472
EasyJoint Wax1kg1250
EasyJoint Wax2.5kg472
EasyMix 3-in-15 litres1200
Powerwash HSC5 litres1200
Powerwash TFR5 litres1200
Powerwash HFC5 litres1200
Powerwash HXF5 litres1200
Powerwash Surface Degreaser5 litres1200
Brick Cleaner5 litres1200
Delsol Degreaser5 litres1200
Rust Remover5 litres1200
Glittersol Excel5 litres1200
Bleach High Strength5 litres1200
Thick Bleach5 litres1200
Red Label Hypochlorite5 litres1200
Green Pine Disinfectant5 litres1200
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