Environmental Pledge

Here at Delf we are always looking for ways to manage our environmental impact as a company. We have taken action to evaluate our internal processes, maximise recycling, minimise energy usage and reduce carbon emissions in an ethically and environmentally responsible way.

Waste Generation

We are committed to our recycling and environmentally conscious waste disposal plan of all paper, glass, plastic, print cartridges and electronics.

Paperless Systems

We are currently working towards a paperless system throughout our office and factory. All business communications with our customers and suppliers have already been transferred to an online system and we have reduced the amount of paper used throughout our ordering process. Our aim going forward is to continue reducing the amount of paper used before transferring to a fully paperless system.

Energy Usage

To promote efficient energy usage, we have and continue to; evaluate our energy usage invest in energy efficient appliances, heating and lighting and ensuring all lights, electronics and heating are switched off when not in use.

Cycle to Work Scheme

To reduce our carbon footprint many of our employees have committed to our cycle to work scheme.